For us, photography is more than our business – it's our passion. And we  believe we have a responsibility to the talented artists who push our industry forward. Our goal is to enable photographers, filmmakers and  content creators to bring attention to significant social and cultural  issues, as well as to take new and inspiring strides in creative work.

Apply for our active grants below and explore our grants program in greater depth on our Where We Stand website. Please note that the application process for several of our Inclusion Scholarships is managed by our partner organizations; review the details on this page for more info.

At Getty Images, we believe creative people are resilient. During this time of global uncertainty, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a creative outlet is more important than ever before. For some, creativity is relied upon as a means of income, for others it may be used to alleviate stress or as a form of self-expression; whatever, the reason, Getty Images want to award 10 creatives with US$2,000 grants, to help lessen financial stress and bring light to a challenging time. Submissions will be judged by an industry-leading panel of judges, with recipients being awarded for moving , entertaining or ground-breaking creative projects, created while in quarantine.  

Submissions are open to Creatives the world over - to photographers, illustrators, film makers and artists - who are using this time to break through creative boundaries and create inspiring work. 

A portfolio of work should be submitted, alongside a one page document detailing the thinking behind your work, as well as a biography telling us who you are and what drives you creatively. 

10 entrants will be awarded $2K each. Photographers and videographers, should they wish, will also have the opportunity to license their award-winning work for commercial use on the Getty Images and iStock websites on a 100% royalty rate. 

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