For us, photography is more than our business – it's our passion. And we believe we have a responsibility to the talented artists who push our industry forward. Our goal is to enable photographers, filmmakers and content creators to bring attention to significant social and cultural issues, as well as to take new and inspiring strides in creative work.

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Getty Images has partnered with Climate Visuals, a project that uses social research and evidence to examine the efficacy and impact of climate change imagery, to launch a new grant that aims to support the creation of compelling, colourful and emotionally engaging imagery that explores this complex crisis.

In partnering together on this new grant series, Getty Images and Climate Visuals wish to elevate the work of photojournalists looking to tell such stories – stories that can educate, promote understanding and drive change, as well as showcase the impacts of, and solutions to, the defining issue of our time.

This year, we will award grants of $10,000 to two photographers telling new or ongoing stories of climate change. Grants will be awarded by a panel comprising representatives of Climate Visuals, Getty Images and independent judges selected for their expertise and experience. Selection will be based on the judges’ determination of applicant’s ability to execute the submitted project with a compelling visual narrative based primarily on documentary still images.

The judges will also be assessing how the submitted projects embody the 7 Climate Visuals Principles for climate change communication. In accordance with the Climate Visuals evidence base on effective climate imagery, applicants are encouraged to emphasize in their proposals how their projects can advance our understanding of climate change impacts and solutions, not just causes. Additional consideration will be given to proposals that show sensitivity toward the environmental impact during production, such as by minimizing reliance on air travel.

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