For us, photography is more than our business – it's our passion. And we believe we have a responsibility to the talented artists who push our industry forward. Our goal is to enable photographers, filmmakers and content creators to bring attention to significant social and cultural issues, as well as to take new and inspiring strides in creative work.

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Getty Images’ mission is to move the world with images and we believe in this power, yet we recognize that breaking into the commercial industry can be difficult. In a time when little budget exists for extensive creative art-directed shoots, establishing yourself as a new photographer is tougher than ever, yet in today’s digital age, it is vital as an industry that we continue to attract and nurture emerging photographic talent.

Getty Images Creative Bursary, now in its second year, exists to provide emerging commercial talent with the financial freedom to explore their own projects of personal and creative significance - projects and productions that without funding, may otherwise never get off the ground.

In conjunction with Verizon Media, our first-ever Bursary partner, we will award $40,000 in total, shared by five recipients, as part of our fall 2019 Creative Bursary. Dedicated toward elevating the work of still photographers using their talents to create inclusive visual stories depicting life with disability, Disability Stories, is open to all photographers who have been shooting for less than five years.

As one of the largest media companies, Verizon Media seeks to provide equal access by making its own products and brands accessible and encouraging others to do the same. With real-time captioning for Yahoo Finance’s eight hours of live streaming, screen reader optimized apps like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy, helping advertisers reach a more diverse audience with captioned ad products, and more, Verizon Media is transforming how people of all abilities stay informed and entertained, communicate and connect.

This is a one-time Bursary, where five recipients will be selected in November and granted sums of either $15,000, $10,000, three awards of $5,000, awarded by an esteemed panel of creative industry judges.  Winners will be announced publicly on December 3rd. Terms of Use can be viewed below at the link. 

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